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Name:              Christian Siobahn Baquet
Place of birth:    New Orleans


High school: Marnix College in Ede (The Netherlands)
5 years, graduated

College: Hogeschool voor de kunsten (art-school) in Utrecht (The Netherlands)
3 years, did not graduate


Fashion styling course at Artemis (Amsterdam)


Cake-decorating, sewing, nail-art, organizing

Computer skills

Touch typing (43 wpm)
Mac savvy
Little knowledge of excel
Experienced social media user


Volunteer work, literature, art, crafting, baking, running, drawing, singing, tattoos, documentaries, music, people watching, photography, animals, fashion, writing, researching subcultures and traditions, zines, dancing. 

Work experience

2001-2003 and 2012-2013

Moois, Amsterdam

I helped set up this cute shop that is a combination of things for babies and dogs. I worked as a sales assistant and also illustrated the signs.


Kate Hume Interior Design, Amsterdam

Office assistant to designer Kate Hume. I was responsible for filing fabric and wallpaper, sorting and filing invoices, making paint samples, preparing lunch, running errands outside of the office and preparing (wrapping, boxing) furniture for shipping.  I also took care of her fox terrier. 


Le Petit Vloer, Amsterdam

I baked for this little pastry shop for a couple months and also worked there serving coffee and such. Sadly we didn't have that much clientele and had to close.


Bis Vintage Clothing, Amsterdam

Bis is a vintage shop in the heart of Amsterdams' vintage district. Jenny de Jager started this shop in the 80's catering to a wide variety of costumers including many stylists, set dressers and art-directors. I was responsible for helping our customers find the perfect outfit, mending vintage pieces and selecting the collection.


Hotel American, Amsterdam

Housekeeper and supervisor. 


I started working when I was 14 and have an array of odd jobs that I have done over the years. I have been a groomer's assistant, a flower arranger's assistant, a wardrobe's assistant and a photographers assistant. I also have a lot of experience cleaning houses.

Volunteer work
I am very fond of volunteer work. In Amsterdam I donated my time to baking cupcakes and crafting with kids and going on day trips with the elderly. 
With a couple younger sibling I have babysat all my life. I have experience with ages 2 and up. 

Freelance work

I worked as a freelance creative and artesian for about  3 years.

2011-2013- Worked for Show Pony Agency as a 'cupcake' girl. I baked everything myself.  From scratch.

2013- Nail-art for the opening of the store Weekday in Amsterdam

2013-Nail-art at Mirror/mirror salon (Amsterdam)

2013- Styling of music video 'Vrouwen zijn ok' (women rock)

2013- Workshop Cupcakes at Mocca (Amsterdam)

2011-2013- assisted stylist Sonia Batovrina (Amsterdam)

2012- Shopgirl at Schiffmacher&Veldhoen tattooing (Amsterdam)
2012- Production Artist for Hello Ad agency

2012- Pastry installation out of fabric for shop Boeken (Amsterdam)

2010- Part of a design collective at a Design Fair in Amsterdam with handmade (by me) dolls

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